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Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn sessions moved to a facility with a kitchen

Launched last year in an M&O conference room, the Lunch and Learn sessions are now held in the much more suitable former Lincoln Complex Café. which includes a full kitchen. Started with about 10 employees during their lunch hour, each monthly session is now filled to capacity (25-30 people). To accommodate more employees, the program is looking into expanding the Lunch and Learns to include some evening sessions in the next fiscal year. Under the tutelage of a nutritionist, participants create a full course meal (main entree, side dish, salad and the dressing, and desert alternative). Employees measure, chop, mix, and stir while learning about portion control and healthy alternatives to their favorite unhealthy foods. For example, employees are shown how a nutritious and delicious hand pie is a better choice over a stuffed sopapilla, and that easy no-bake energy balls are a much better alternative to cookies, yet are every bit as delicious and satisfying. In addition to departing happy and satiated, participants also leave Lunch and Learn with recipes, menus, and giveaways that have included lunchboxes and healthy recipe cookbooks for their at home use.

Meal Prep for "Lunch and Learn"