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Stretching and Wellness Room

Stretching and working out are further incorporated into M&O's routine

Introduced an industrial stretch program

At the start of the duty day, technicians are encouraged to do simple pre-work stretches to loosen up in preventing accidents and injuries. Each employee is provided with a laminated “stretching card” that illustrates proper stretching techniques applicable for office as well as industrial personnel. Stretching exercises have also been incorporated into the morning safety training courses held every other month. A very motivating professional trainer has joined these meetings to demonstrate stretches and offer encouragement, tips, and inspiration. The safety meetings that were once merely informational are now invigorating, with staff’s health and wellness a priority. In addition, morning stretching exercises are incorporated into M&O staff’s morning routines prior to leaving their Shop.

M&O wellness room renovated

Vanessa Olguin on stationary bike

Conveniently located on Lincoln Complex, M&O technicians have put together a wellness room available to M&O employees for use before and after work hours. A fresh coat of paint, lighting, and flooring began the transformation of the space. Crews then added mirrors and installed new workout equipment donated by Blue Cross Blue Shield of N.M. that includes a treadmill, stationary bike, total body gym (machine), stretching cage (station), and free weights. Yoga/floor exercise mats and exercise and yoga videos completed the update. The new wellness room has been very well received. The Wellness Ambassador, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and APS Risk Management drafted a questionnaire to be completed by each wellness room user regarding their health status and ability to safely use the space, as well as a liability waiver to be signed. The whole point of utilizing the room is to get healthier, not hurt. Should the questionnaire reveal a heart condition or other risky health status, a physician’s approval is required to use the wellness room (per Risk Management and BCBS).