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Preventive Maintenance Program

M&O grew preventive maintenance work orders by 37.8%

The District’s preventive maintenance was on a relatively steady upward trajectory until the 2014 and 2015 fiscal years. Much of the drop during this two year period is more reflective of inaccuracies in SchoolDude data entry over truly performing less preventive maintenance work, as M&O has never let up in pushing the PM boulder up the mountain for the benefits are worth the effort. That stated, it is gratifying to see PM numbers return to an ascending momentum. In addition to PM work orders increasing by 37.8%, the PM work order count ratio is up 34% and cost ratio is up 31.2% over the previous year. M&O encouraging schools to be advocates for their facility and report issues (however small) so they are repaired before they escalate to a major problem or cause other issues, is credited for this positive development. School administrators and Principals are being more vigilant in reporting a little drip, a door that is hard to lock, or a window that does not open easily. They previously considered these mere irritants but now realize that small annoyances can worsen severely.

This page was last updated on: November 1, 2018.