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M&O in top 5% KPI

APS' M&O continued to rank in top 5% by the CGCS's annual survey

The Council of the Great City Schools is a nationwide organization represented by large urban school district members including APS. The CGCS provides the school districts with assistance and guidance in educating their broadly diverse student population to the highest academic standards possible in preparing them to be successful adults, personally and professionally. In the CGCS meeting its mission to advance the education of students and inspire the public’s confidence, it recognizes that schools’ maintenance and operations programs serve a fundamental role in the education process; there is no schooling without properly operating school facilities.

The organization conducts an annual national web-based survey that defines, collects, and interprets data based on key performance indicators (KPIs) in measuring the non-academic management of school districts’ facilities and grounds. The ActPoint. KPI system is an automated intelligence tool whereby member districts enter their raw data into online inquiries. ActPoint then provides performance comparisons in relation to other member districts. The 2016 Report, Managing for Results in America’s Great City Schools (published in October), includes data quartiles to better aid in setting benchmark targets and managing strategies in reaching goals.

APS is pleased to once again be ranked in the top 5% KPI rating of participating member schools for its management of the M&O Division in the 2016 study. At a cost of $1.07 per square foot and $198 per student, APS is rated the highest of participating member school districts in cleaning schools economically. APS also earned the top rating in performing routine maintenance work orders cost effectively at $250 per WO as well as time to complete the job, five days. 

However, regardless of APS’ ranking in the various survey categories, the research provides unparalleled data in assisting leadership to set priorities and evaluate areas where performance is stellar as well as where it can be improved upon. M&O leadership relies on the latest findings in prioritizing and planning for the following year. See the M&O portion of the 2016 Report in the Appendices.

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