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Utilities $2.5 million under budget

Utility costs were under budget for a third consecutive year

The success of APS’ efforts to curb energy waste cannot be refuted. Utility costs in the 2015-16 fiscal year came in $2,466,038 under budget, a remarkable 11.1% less than anticipated. Only water/sewer expenses were near budget while electricity costs were $1,237,344 under budget and natural gas was $997,656 under budget due to the District’s many efforts to reduce waste and conserve. While these reductions are notable, the District continues to be conservation vigilant as two years does not create a trend. The M&O Grounds Department is working hard to curb water use including changing out antiquated valves with new high tech computerized monitoring systems and controls. The M&O Executive Director continues to work with natural gas suppliers in negotiating the most economical purchase of the natural gas commodity. Many other energy savings ingenuities, particularly with regards to HVAC equipment, are presented throughout this Report, including the Energy Conservation Program section.