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Improving FMAR scores

M&O improving FMAR scores due to new PSFA provided opportunity

The New Mexico Public School Facilities Authority provided a new avenue for public school districts to improve their Facility Maintenance Assessment Report rating score per school by responding to the FMAR’s Performance Level ratings below Satisfactory and/or Deficiency Factors using FIMS within 30 days of receiving the reports. The requirement is that work orders identifying the deficiency on the FMAR must be verified, corrected, and closed in order for an adjustment to be considered. APS gladly took advantage of this opportunity by immediately addressing Minor and some Major Deficiencies (repairs). The District’s Facility Information Management System (FIMS) account revealed potential safety hazards or issues that could cause additional damage to facilities if left unattended at Ventana Elementary School. The following positive FMAR of Ventana Elementary is an example of M&O utilizing this 30-day window of opportunity to raise the condition of the school and M&O’s performance.