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Work orders and job completion

Close the gap between all work orders and job completion

As illustrated in the table below, M&O has maintained a pretty consistent downward trajectory in closing all work orders faster, until the 15.3% increase in time in 2015-16. Completing work as quickly as possible, while causing no disruption to the instructional day, is critical to overall productivity, both students’ and M&O personnel. All Craft Shops aim to return to completing the collection of all work in a timely fashion in the 2016-17 fiscal year. 

Average Days to Complete All Work Orders 
Fiscal YearAverage Days
2007 40.99
2008 39.28
2009 34.03
2010 24.38
2011 14.52
2012 18.17
2013 18.67
2014 16.05
2015 15.21
2016 17.54

Note: The above table refers to all work orders, including projects, routine maintenance, and preventive maintenance.

APS's M&O average number of days to complete routine maintenance is an impressive five days, one of the fastest in the nation according to 2016 "Managing for Results" survey findings published by the Council of Great City schools.