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Sustainable and automatic programs

Make current energy and other programs more sustainable and automatic.

M&O has steadily introduced new time, money, energy, and effort saving programs, as summarized in this and previous Year End Reports. Many of these programs have been fairly economical and delivered an almost immediate return on investment, and many have been complex requiring a higher start-up investment that promises long-term savings. All new programs and practices have been prudently evaluated and strategically implemented.

It is now time to make these current programs more sustainable and automatic. This will require keen monitoring and the fine-tuning of sophisticated new systems and, when necessary, modifying programs to work at their full potential with no waste of resources. The focus will shift from integrating new approaches to perfecting existing practices. Introducing new programs will not be stopped, only slowed, as M&O will continually be open to new ideas and concepts that improve efficiencies and better support academics. And as discussed above, much of M&O’s energy focus and resources will be in reducing costly electric Peak Demand Charges.