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Work order totals and budget history

Work order totals

Total work order counts (reactive and preventive maintenance) steadily climb in keeping pace with the physical expansion of the District, most markedly between the 2015 and 2016 fiscal years. In spite of the steady growth in work, the average time to complete a WO has dropped by 41.7% since 2007 due to improved efficiencies, working smarter, and expedited paperwork processing.

M&O budget history

M&O’s budget history indicates a downward course in the allocated budget and number of full-time employees but the incongruent rise in total square footage and the number of work orders needed to maintain that bourgeoning growth. APS has grown a massive 60% since 2007 and work orders have increased by 36.6%, yet staff has fallen 18.1%. In 2015-16, M&O endured a 4.3% drop in total budget over the previous year, in part due to the drop in student population as some students elect to attend charter schools. The New Mexico Department of Education funds public school districts utilizing a “per student” formula.