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Recycled 750 tons

Waste Management sponsored program saved 750 tons of recycled materials

Waste Management logo with caption, "Think Green"APS vendor Waste Management provides large recycling bins at every school and administrative office complex adjacent to the trash collection bins that they are also responsible for collecting. The M&O Grounds Department monitors the recycling bins, and to not hamper recycling dedication, requests special pick-ups by Waste Management should they fill to capacity before the scheduled weekly pick-up. In the 2015-16 fiscal year, APS students and employees recycled 750 tons of aluminum, cardboard/paper, scrap metals, and plastics. That translates to saving 6,209 mature trees, enough timber resources to produce 76,925,500 sheets of newspaper; 2,609 cubic yards of landfill airspace, enough to fulfill the municipal disposal needs for 3,350 people for a year; 3,081 kilowatt hours of electricity, enough to power 256 homes for a year; and 3,516,800 gallons of water, representing enough water to meet the daily needs of 46,890 people.