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Facility Use program

Recovery costs and summer program consolidation

The District fully recognizes that APS schools have evolved into “community schools” and welcome parent groups, community organizations, and student associations to utilize the classrooms, gyms, cafeterias, Performing Arts Centers, and athletic fields when school is not in session. Doing so, however, comes at a cost that is not included in the already dwindling M&O and Operational budgets, so a calculated approach is called for. 

Monica McComas, the Senior Facility Usage Specialist and a member of the Energy Team, is charged with judiciously scheduling all evening and weekend community use programs at school campuses. Her role is indispensable in curbing the costs of the District hosting these events as she assures that the thousands of activities congregate at a designed number of campuses that are suitable for groups’ purposes, rather than dispersed throughout the District. The careful and strategic scheduling conserves energy and controls heating, cooling, lighting, materials, and custodian costs. 

All groups must state their purpose, have proof of liability insurance, and have non-profit status, with the exception of the movie industry that pay higher hourly fees (two hour minimum for all users). All outside users are required to make space requests only through the community portal at the APS Facility Rentals page. (EventEssentials Pro scheduling software, provided by SchoolDude, streamlines the scheduling process and reduces energy costs by controlling equipment operation.)

Approximately $300,000 in recovery costs realized annually

The Facility Use Program generated 684 invoices in the 2014-15 fiscal year and 644 in 2015-16 for monthly, yearly, and single-use programs. Just shy of $300,000 was invoiced in 2015-16. Since 2012-13, APS has recovered $1.2 million in rental fees to help offset operational costs.

APS Facility Rental Fees Collected
Fiscal YearCollected Rental Fee
2012–13 $65,108
2013–14 $349,114
2014–15 $318,303
2015–16 $296,427
2016–17 YTD $171,423
2012–13 to 2016–17 YTD $1,200,373

Community summer programs consolidated

In addition to APS summer school, numerous community activities are held at District campuses. Summer programs are organized by the YMCA; Camp Fire New Mexico; City of Albuquerque; Rio Grande Education Collaboration; Kids Club House; Corrales Community Education; Children’s Choice; Boys and Girls Club of Central New Mexico; and YDI. Ms. McComas and other members of the Energy Team collaborated with the above stakeholders to consolidate program-use from 90 school sites down to 56.