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PNM energy awards

PNM recognized (awards) APS in two energy savings categories in 2015

APS was one of four top winners presented with a Business Energy Efficiency Star Award by the electric utility. The annual awards are given to PNM business customers with the highest kilowatt savings among all energy efficiency rebate projects paid in 2015 by geographic region and classification. APS’ Most Innovative recognition was awarded for implementing 22 comprehensive projects covering a wide range of energy efficiency measures (outlined in this section) that saved 2,426,206 of electricity annually. The impact of these measures saved 1,508.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide; 793,369 gallons of water; and enough energy to power 337 homes for a year. APS also took the Honorable Mention Award in the Building Tune-up Program category (see Building Tune-up). Actions resulting in this recognition included two APS staff members earning Building Operator Certifications which is expected to save approximately 420,912 kilowatt hours of electricity annually. The District received PNM rebates totaling $2,400 for participating in this program.