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Teacher workshops

Energy conservation workshops available thanks to NEED support

Teachers working in energy conservation workshop

Two teacher workshops taught “teaching energy conservation”

On January 26, 2016, Mr. Lazar held a full day workshop sponsored by PNM for 35 APS teachers representing elementary, middle, and high school classes (primarily science, math, and social studies). In conjunction with this workshop, a Building Buddies training session for student energy teams was held as well as many other related workshops for students and teachers.

Promoting the workshops was the ideal catalyst for identifying teachers who are interested in saving energy and establishing a Building Buddies conservation program at their schools. In addition, teachers earned six hours of professional development credit. 

It started with a NEED campaign blast

As a member of the National Energy Education Development’s (NEED) National Teacher Advisory Board, Mr. Lazar was also able to procure NEED’s support in these workshops. He recruited teachers via an all encompassing campaign that included announcements, flyers, e-newsletters, and the EnergyWise website (in development). He emphasized that through participation in the Building Buddies Program, the school would benefit not only educationally, but would support the District’s energy goals to lower its environmental impact, thus saving money that would go into Operational funds that directly benefit classrooms. Twelve elementary, middle, and high school Building Buddies teams have been established so far as a result of the above training programs.

Students outside looking at the Energy on the Move trailer      Student generating electricity on stationary bike      Students smiling with their handmade solar ovens

Photos by Randy Montoya