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Summer Hibernation campaign

Mr. Lazar Directed Summer Hibernation Campaign

The Summer Hibernation Campaign, one of the most significant efforts M&O has initiated involving the entire District, was managed by Mr. Lazar. In the spirit of collaboration, the Energy Team (assisted by volunteers including from PNM) solicited the help of the schools to support the goal of eliminating energy waste in schools through the summer months. It began with meeting with school Principals in May 2016 regarding the importance of powering down their campuses during the summer, as well as long holiday weekends throughout the year.

Followed was a full out campaign that blitzed the schools and included a helpful Summer 2016 Shutdown Checklist (hibernation brochure). All schools were agreeable to the program and willing to consolidate activities to one area of the school, and following a shutdown checklist, turn off lighting and cooling systems throughout the unoccupied spaces.

Members of the Energy Team then visited every campus beginning in June 2016. The cooperative approach of the walk-through was to help identify opportunities and suggest strategies in support of a $500,000 electric, gas, and water summer savings goal. The initiative was designed to promote awareness and participation in practicing summer season energy optimization. The team functioned with the highest sensitivity to the needs of every school and their education programs and emphasized that all savings achieved are Operational dollars that are returned to the classroom. The Team is also working to bring student education into the 2017 Summer Hibernation Campaign and tie incentives to the Building Buddies program.

Summer Hibernation logo, depicting a bear holding a hot cup labeled "M&O"