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Education Goals

2016-17 Energy Conservation Education Goals

  • Increase Building Buddies to 20-25 teams.
  • Develop an Energy/Career Fair open to all APS students to show off and share their energy-related accomplishments. Currently working to secure the participation of PNM, Gas Company of New Mexico, ConocoPhillips, geologists, and a solar industry representative.
  • Complete the development of a useful EnergyWise website (in progress) that focuses on energy conservation and highlights schools’ accomplishments.
  • Launch an EnergyWise Facebook page, E-Newsletter, and Twitter account in promoting the APS energy conservation brand.
  • Initiate a Conservation Poster Contest at the elementary, middle, and high school levels (three separate competitions). Winners to be profiled on the EnergyWise website. Currently working on incentives.A plant growing out of a lightbulb
  • Establish a “back to the schools” rebate program for their realized electric savings (20-25% is goal).
  • Revive the rain barrel program in cooperation with the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Authority. ABCWA sold the District 10 rain barrels at a greatly discounted price but more are needed.
  • Introduce a competition challenge in expanding schools’ recycling program. Waste Management donated 75 heavy-duty two-wheeled recycling containers with attached lid (48 and 64 gallon) which have been placed at select elementary, middle, and high schools. Presently seeking a funding source for 28-quart recycling wastebaskets to be placed in classrooms. In the meanwhile, teachers will be encouraged to use a painted box until bins are available. Contest results will be published and the winners celebrated.
  • Recruit Building Buddies teams to participate in the 2017 Summer Hibernation program.