Energy Conservation Education

"When students take direct action in their environment, the power of learning is truly demonstrated."

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Conservation and Education Specialist Robert Lazar focuses on every school cultivating conservation literacy and a culture of curtailing energy waste that together creates an APS energy conservation brand that affects change. Beginning with the students, the brand will build momentum and conservation practices that are celebrated and observed by all personnel District-wide. Mr. Lazar’s role is to bridge the gap between the District’s energy conservation goals, M&O’s efforts, and the schools.

Historically, M&O’s energy saving procedures and those of the schools have existed independently; this new paradigm serves as a bridge between M&O and the schools. Conserving resources and eliminating water and energy waste can be accomplished by educating and empowering students and staff to: identify waste, raise awareness, and make a unified effort to reduce energy use on a daily basis through behavior changes. Because the results are directly tied to meeting the District’s overall goals, Mr. Lazar reports the progress and success of all student and staff educational programs to WECC members. 

Following are 2015-16 fiscal year education outreach achievements that raised conservation awareness resulting in student and staff energy use changes.

Energy Center development

Conservation and Education Specialist participated in the development of the Energy Center

EnergyWise brochure

M&O “EnergyWise” brochure was drafted and published

EnergyWise presentations

Mr. Robert Lazar, Conservation and Education Specialist, guest taught in classrooms

Teacher workshops

Energy conservation workshops available thanks to NEED support

Del Norte HS award

Del Norte High School received National Energy Achievement Award

Summer Hibernation campaign

Mr. Lazar Directed Summer Hibernation Campaign

Education Goals

2016-17 Energy Conservation Education Goals