Energy goals

The District's energy goals are ambitious but doable

The result of WECC’s initial approach to gather everyone together evolved in initiating meaningful conversation has settled into working in concert with one another in holistically meeting the District’s ambitious energy conservation goals: reduce net water consumption by 20% and net energy consumption by 20% by the end of the 2023-2024 school year as compared to an established 2013-2014 school year baseline.

Measures in realizing goals

  • Reduce APS’s environmental impact through the responsible use of natural resources.
  • Lower the District’s environmental footprint.
  • Reduce energy consumption in all buildings; redirect a portion of savings to student programs and other uses.
  • Empower administrators to make decisions that favorably impact the use of energy at their site.

Education outreach

  • Educate students, staff, and community on the importance of energy conservation.
  • Promote energy literacy and awareness and encourage energy efficient behaviors among all staff and students.
  • Engage students and staff in active responsible citizenship through energy activities by creating Building Buddies Teams at their school.