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Summary of WECC

"All grand breakthroughs start with a simple notion."

As recounted in the last several Year End Reports, the Water and Energy Conservation Committee (WECC) formed in 2013 has added much support to the District’s various energy optimization programs. WECC is a consortium of key leadership and department representatives from APS’ M&O, Facilities Design + Construction, and Capital Master Plan divisions and a New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department representative aided by the invaluable participation from municipal utility representatives. Applicable employees from M&O and FD+C make up the APS Energy Team tasked with implementing energy savings strategies.

WECC was a mere idea back in 2013, but all grand breakthroughs start with a simple notion. Back then, WECC’s initial instinct was to bring all the players who had anything (big or small) to do with energy use (electric, gas, and water) at APS together and brainstorm how to best manage the District’s exorbitant utility costs. To acquire the necessary buy-in from the top decision makers and stakeholders, it soon became evident that executive leadership had to be involved.

WECC logo captioned, "Making a difference for Albuquerque Public Schools"