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Utility costs

Utility costs per square foot.

Cost per Square Foot

APS Cost per Square Foot
YearCost per Square Foot
2011–12 $1.05
2012–13 $1.26
2013–14 $1.27
2014–15 $1.23

Description of Calculation

Total utility costs (including electricity, heating fuel, water, sewer), divided by total square footage of all non-vacant buildings.

Importance of Measure

This measures the efficiency of the district's building utility operations. It may also reflect a district's effort to reduce energy consumption through conservation measures being implemented by building occupants as well as maintenance and operations personnel. Higher numbers signal an opportunity to evaluate fixed and variable cost factors and identify those factors that can be modified for greater efficiency.

Factors that Influence

  • Age of buildings and physical plants
  • Amount of air-conditioned space
  • Regional climate differences
  • Customer support of conservation efforts to upgrade lighting and HVAC systems
  • Energy conservation policies and management practices 

Districts in Best Quartile (2014–2015) 

  • Des Moines Public Schools
  • Milwaukee Public Schools
  • Palm Beach County School District
  • Portland Public Schools
  • Providence Public Schools
  • San Diego Unified School District
  • St. Paul Public Schools
  • Wichita Public Schools