Renovations cost per student and delivered construction costs as percent of total costs.

Cost per Student

APS Cost per Student
YearCost per student
2011–12 $114
2012–13 $31
2013–14 $83
2014–15 $393

Description of Calculation: Total cost of renovations divided by total student enrollment.

Importance of Measure: This indicates the level of spending on major renovations relative to the size of the district (by student enrollment).

Factors that Influence

  • Number of capital projects
  • Age of infrastructure
  • District technology plan 

Delivered Construction Costs as Percent of Total Costs

APS Delivered Construction Costs
YearPercent of Total Cost
2011–12 94.8%
2012–13 97.4%
2013–14 91.9%
2014–15 98.4%

Description of Calculation: Construction costs of major rehab/renovation projects, divided by total costs of all major rehab/renovation projects.

Importance of Measure: This can be used to evaluate the cost of delivered construction relative to design costs and personnel costs.