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Green Buildings

Buildings that are green certified or equivalent.

Building Green Certified or Equivalent

APS Building Green Certified or Equivalent
YearPercent of Green buildings
2011–12 24%
2012–13 27%
2013–14 36%
2014–15 56%

Description of Calculation

Square footage of all permanent buildings (academic and non- academic) with a green building certificate, plus square footage of all permanent buildings (academic and non-academic) that were built in alignment with a green building code but not certified.

Importance of Measure

This measure compares the number of energy efficient or "green" buildings in the district.

Factors that Influence 

  • Community support for environmental and sustainability measures
  • Grant availability
  • District policy
  • Environmental site assessment
  • Local health issues

Districts in Best Quartile (2014–2015)

  • Albuquerque Public Schools
  • Atlanta Public Schools
  • Cincinnati Public Schools
  • Dallas Independent School District
  • Orange County Public Schools (FL)
  • Providence Public Schools
  • Richmond City School District
  • San Diego Unified School District