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"Managing for Results" 2016 Results

The M&O section of the "Managing for Results in America's Great City Schools" report.


A brief summary of the study's purpose, methodology, and other noteworthy items


Custodial cost per square foot, per student, workload, and supply cost per square foot.

Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance cost per square foot, cost per work order, and proportion contractor-operated.

Major maintenance

Major maintenance cost per student and design-to-construction cost ratio.


Renovations cost per student and delivered construction costs as percent of total costs.

New construction

New construction costs delivered as percent of total costs.

M&O costs

M&O costs per student and costs ratio to district operating budget.

Work order completion

Amount of days needed to complete work orders.


Amount of material recycled total material stream.

Utility costs

Utility costs per square foot.

Utility usage

Utility usage per square foot, including electricity, heating, and water.

Green Buildings

Buildings that are green certified or equivalent.