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Circulation Guidelines

Searching the Collection

You can search our online catalog and check out materials by contacting us through our online contact form, or by phoning us.

Checking Out Materials

Checkouts are limited to APS certified staff; however, you may give someone permission to pick up materials for you by filling out and signing a Statement of Responsibility.

You can fax the form to the Unified Resources Library at 880-8287, or send it with the person you are giving permission to when they come to the library.

Item Limit: You may check out a maximum of 10 items. We have limited numbers of items (i.e. reading kits, math kits, Brigance manuals, manipulatives), therefore, there are patron and school limits set at the discretion of the librarian.

Checkout Length: Most resources/materials are checked out for a period of 4 weeks. You may renew items for an additional 8 weeks if another person has not requested the material. Some items have renewal limits.

Responsibility for Materials: Materials are only for the use of the person who is checking them out. They may not be checked out for others. You are personally and financially responsible for the materials you check out. Therefore, materials should not be exchanged with others or sent home with students.

    Getting Materials

    If the material will fit into an APS mailer, we will send it to you that way. Otherwise, we will ship the materials in a box no larger than a case of paper.

    Items larger than a case of paper will have to be picked up. We will let you know about larger items and hold them for pick-up for one week.

    When you request materials from us by email or phone message, please include your name, telephone number and employee number.

    Returning Materials by Mail

    You can return materials through the APS mail system.

    Items that fit easily and securely in envelopes: Place the materials in an interoffice envelope and send to the Unified ARTS Resource Library at Lincoln Complex, M bldg.

    Items that are too large for an interoffice envelope:

    1. Packaged in a sturdy cardboard box that is no larger than a case of printer paper.
    2. Pad with sufficient packing materials to prevent damage during transport.
    3. Tape the closed or secure it with string or twine.
    4. Print out a mailing label to place on the box and send to:


    Overdue Materials and Fines

    Borrowing privileges will be restricted if materials are not returned or renewed by their due date.

    If you have any overdue materials or fines you will not be able to check out any new items until these issues are resolved. There may be a temporary 5 item limit on your account.

    Borrowers who have not returned library materials are not allowed to check out additional items. Borrowers who have not returned overdue materials or paid assessed fines six months after their final notices will have their library privileges suspended.

    Damaged Materials

    Materials are not consumable. Please do not write in them or tear out pages. If a barcode, spine label, or content label is missing, the charge is $1.00 per label. The charge for missing packaging materials is the present replacement value.

    Lost Items

    If you need to pay for lost items, checks should be made payable to the Board of Education (cash is preferred). If an item is not found within 1 year, we may not be able to generate a refund.