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Showing Videos in the Classroom

Videos must be age-appropriate and curriculum related. To legally show the video under Educational Fair Use, you have to be able to answer YES to all five of the following questions:

1) Is the showing for non-profit educational purposes?

2) Is it happening in a school classroom or similar place?

3) Are only instructors and students involved (i.e. no parents, except normal classroom volunteers, in classroom)

4) Is it a legally acquired copy (e.g. from library collection)

5) Is it being used in face-to-face teaching activities.

(source:Simpson, Carol. Copyright for schools : a practical guide. Worthington, Ohio: Linworth Books, 2005. Print.)

If you can't answer Yes to all five questions, then showing the video is probably a copyright violation. Exceptions are if you've acquired written permission from copyright holder, the copy has public performance rights attached, or your school has purchased a blanket public performance license.

For more information on APS policies regarding using videos in the classroom, see the Use of Videos and Films procedural directive.

If you need a sample parental permission form, you can download one here: