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Translation Services

Request a Translation

  1. Either visit our online Translation Request Form – or – download and email the Translation Request Form (PDF).
  2. Please fill out the form completely. You will receive a confirmation email of your request at the email provided in the form. 
  3. Incomplete forms will not be processed.
  4. Our office usually takes 1 to 2 business days to complete a translation, sometimes more depending on the length of the document and the language(s) into which it needs to be translated.

What Do We Translate?

We translate:

  • School and district forms that parents need to complete, read, respond to, etc.
  • Important school and district information through letters, newsletters, announcements, etc.
  • School and district handbooks for parents.
  • School and district parent Compacts or PIP (Parent Involvement Policy)
  • Any other type of documents that district or school personnel consider essential and vital for parents.

We DO NOT translate:

  • Copyrighted material
  • Documents or portions of documents obtained from magazines, websites, newspapers or other organizations
  • Instructional materials (tests, homework, units of study, quizzes, etc.) for students or classroom use
  • Any Special Education Documents from IEP, FBA, BIP SAT meetings or MET meetings
  • Evaluation reports
  • Poetry, song lyrics

Helpful Hints When Requesting a Translation

Documents in Microsoft Word preferred. Other programs may not be accepted or may cause delays. The same format cannot be maintained with pdf files so please send a Word file.

  • Providing a document that is clear and has been proofread prior to submission will facilitate the job of the translator. If there are ambiguities or errors, our office will contact you for clarification which may delay the translation.
  • Submit only final documents. Our office will not translate drafts.
  • Avoid creating newsletters using "text boxes" since they frequently move, hide or overlap thus preventing some of the text to be visible and making the translation job time consuming due to formatting issues.  We will not format documents.
  • Attach the document as an attachment instead of pasting it on the body of the email.
  • If submitting a document that was previously translated please highlight the updates in yellow throughout the document and send it along with the original Spanish translation (if available).
  • Avoid the use of acronyms or spell out the acronym.

Download Common APS Documents

Browse the Translated Documents

  • Documents are listed by category, title, and language(s).
  • You can look at the English version first to decide if that is indeed the document you need. Once you open a document in a foreign language, it is unlikely you will be able to tell whether it is what you wanted.
  • As a rule of thumb, print both copies (the English and the other language) and ask parents to fill out the English copy, using the copy in the other language as a reference. If parents fill out a form in Vietnamese, for instance, district or school personnel will not be able to read it.

Requesting a New Translation

  1. If you do not find a translation of a document you need, please check the webpage for the department responsible for the document. For instance, if looking for a nursing form check with the Nursing department’s webpage.
  2. If, after checking directly with the department responsible, you do not find a translation of the document you need, please email it to us to have it translated. Please submit the Translation Request Form.

APS English-Spanish Glossary of Educational Terms

Our office has available a Spanish glossary with words and phrases that are used in district documents, as well as in school or district meetings and other functions. This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a work in progress that is updated and expanded on a regular basis. In some instances, more than one option is given, while in other cases what is offered is more an explanation than a true equivalent.

For example, "truancy" has been translated into Spanish as "faltar sin autorización o justificación"; "ausentismo escolar injustificado". We welcome your suggestions of terms to incorporate in the glossary.