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Phone Interpretation

Our office currently has interpreters for most of the language needs that schools usually request. However, in instances when interpreters are not available, our office can provide services over the telephone with a live interpreter in any language.

When to use phone interpretation services:

  1. Short notice requests when there is no time to send an interpreter onsite and the meeting cannot be rescheduled for a later date or time
  2. Emergency situations when a staff member needs to contact a parent immediately and circumstances are such that the meeting cannot be scheduled for a later date or time.
  3. An interpreter is unavailable at the requested date and time and the meeting cannot be rescheduled.
  4. Our office does not have a local interpreter who can go on site in the language requested. For instance Kirundi, Swahili, Kinyarwanda, etc.  

Requesting phone interpretation services:

Please send your interpretation request as usual to and we will guide you through the process by sending you instructions on how to connect with a live interpreter in the language that you need.