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Interpretation Services

Interpretation Requests

Download an Interpretation Request Form (Word DOC)

Please fill out the form completely and send to .

You will receive a confirmation email for your request. 

Incomplete form will not be processed.

Request American Signed Language Interpretation

Contact the people below to request an American Sign Language Interpreter for persons who are deaf and/or hard of hearing.


  • Tracy Hutton
  • (505) 271-3020 ext. 88109
  • Cell: (505) 415-2524

We provide interpreters for:

  • Individualized Educational Program (IEP) meetings
  • Student hearings
  • Student Assistance Team (SAT) meetings
  • Multidisciplinary Eligibility Determination (MET) meetings
  • Participation Involvement Policy (PIP) meetings
  • Academic Improvement Plan (AIP) meetings
  • Parent-teacher conferences (PTC)**
  • Parent-teacher organization (PTO) meetings
  • Screenings, evaluations, and testing
  • Health clinic visits
  • Health and Wellness
  • Others

Information for Parent-Teacher Conferences

For parent-teacher conferences, if there are no interpreters available we also offer the use of a phone conferencing system with a live interpreter. 

For parent-teacher conferences, the demand for interpreters is very high. We work on a first come first serve basis, require the Interpretation Request Form, and a complete schedule.  Without a schedule, we will not confirm an interpreter.  Thanks for your understanding.

Confirm Meetings with Parents

In the past, the district has lost over $10,000 in one year as a result of parents failing to attend meetings for which an interpreter was present and had to be compensated.

In order to minimize or even eliminate the number of no-shows, we ask:

  • That parents be confirmed a day or two before the scheduled appointment.
  • For meetings requiring a Spanish interpreter, we ask the schools to call the parents before the meetings.
  • For languages other than Spanish, such as Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese, etc., please provide our office with contact information for the family on the request form so that our office can call the family to confirm attendance.


If a parent will not attend his/her scheduled meeting, please call or email the Translation Services office to cancel.

Working With Interpreters

Here are some hints for staff working with interpreters:

  • Introduce the interpreter.
  • Talk directly to the parents, not to the interpreter.
  • Allow the interpreter to sit next to parents.
  • Only one staff member or individual should speak at one time.
  • If reading a document, read slowly, and provide a copy of it to the interpreter ahead of time, if at all possible.
  • Assist the interpreter in assuring that all interpretation equipment is returned at the end of the meeting.
  • An interpreter is a bridge between two groups and should not be considered a source of general information about the school or district matters.
  • Avoid side conversations that are not relevant to the issue at hand because the interpreter will interpret all that is heard by the parent.
  • Avoid using acronyms that may not be meaningful to parents.
  • We strongly recommend that all participants use only English and allow the interpreter to interpret everything that is said into the target language for the parents. Otherwise, the interpreter has to go back and forth between both languages.
    • If some of the participants (teachers, therapists, etc.) speak the parents' language and wish to address the parents in that language be sure to allow the interpreter to interpret back into in English what was said for the benefit of those present at the meeting who do not speak the parents' language.
  • Allow the interpreter to decide which mode of interpretation to use (Consecutive or Simultaneous or alternating between the two).
    • If the interpreter is performing consecutive interpretation, limit yourself to one or two sentences then let the interpreter interpret before you continue.  
    • If the interpreter is performing simultaneous interpretation, slow your rate of speech.