Translation and Interpretation Services

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6400 Uptown Blvd. NE Suite 601 West Albuquerque, NM 87110 Map

Phone: (505) 881-9429 ext. 80070
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This office provides interpretation and translation services for schools to facilitate communication with non-English speaking parents. Our office is responsible for:

  • TRANSLATING essential district, school and student information.  Said information can be letters, newsletters, announcements, forms, surveys, etc.
  • Securing INTERPRETERS for essential school or district functions or events that parents attend concerning their children.  These functions or events may include meetings with the nurse, social worker, counselor, parent-teacher conferences, IEP/MET/SAT meetings, among others.

Interpretation Services

Upon request, our interpreters attend school and district events in order to assist with communication between school staff and parents or community members.

Translation Services

Translation Services translates any written communication, forms, letters, announcements, and other district information only to parents and community members as well information from parent to school staff members.  Our office does not translate documents related to an IEP, MET, SAT, FBA, or BIP.  Please refer to the Special Education Department regarding the translation of those documents.