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TELL Training Information

Teaching English Learners - A required APS training

Upcoming Virtual TELL Courses for Certified Staff and Educational Assistants

These courses are designed to provide the Certified Staff and Educational Assistants of Albuquerque Public Schools with the theoretical foundation and practical knowledge for working with English language learners. Bilingual education and sheltered content instruction will be examined through a multitude of modalities. 

Certified staff and Educational Assistants, who complete this online course, will satisfy the requirement towards meeting District certification in the teaching/supporting EL students.

Registration Details 

Register for TELL Trainings in PowerSchool.

  1. Visit My and login with your e-number and APS password.
  2. Click on the Employee Resources folder
  3. Launch Powerschool Professional Learning. Under Course Search, look for "Teaching English Language Learners"

This training is for Certified Staff who:

  • Do not hold a TESOL and/or Bilingual endorsement
  • Are new/returning certified staff member who has not completed this training.

Please be advised that as per our APS/OCR agreement attending the required 48 hours of TELL training during the first two academic school years is a condition of employment. Failure to attend TELL training results in non-compliance with OCR and may result in termination of employee contract. 

This training is for Educational Assistants who:

  •  Are a new/returning Educational Assistant who has not yet completed this training

More Information

For the dates of each course and provided sections, Please view the events found in TELL Training. If you have any questions, then please contact: .