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Language and Cultural Equity News

Posted: October 13, 2020

Student Author Natalia A.B. honored by LCE

Student Author Natalia A.B. honored by LCE

Student Author photo Book coverNatalia A.B. Certificate

 Natalia A.B. is a sixteen-year-old who loves to write about adventure, suspense and everyday life observations. She is an Albuquerque Public School student, who currently attends NextGen Academy. Natalia began writing at the age of seven, while staying up at night with her thoughts and ideas waiting to come to life. In the 8th grade, she began writing Totem of the Stitches and has since continued and currently is writing several novels. Natalia decided very early that Totem of the Stitches was special and needed to come to life, which became her first published novel. With the help of her determination and family, she was able to accomplish her goal of publishing a novel. She owes her success to preserving, taking criticism lightly and pursuing her writing goals. Natalia’s advice to fellow young writers and peers, she encourages them to “disregard others opinion, don’t care about what people think and remember, controversial issues are hard to hear but necessary.” Natalia asks that you please read her book, Totem of the Stitches and leave a review. On behalf of Language and Cultural Equity department and Albuquerque Public Schools, we congratulate you with such a huge accomplishment. Congratulations Natalia A.G.!