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[Text on screen] Innovative learning and teaching is everything. Intelligence and talents are developed. Leading students to create stronger ideas. The power of empathy, reflection, and resilience. The ability to creatively solve problems. Preparing students for a future of success. Family and community partnerships are valued. Engineering habits of mind and design thinking are developed. Albuquerque Public Schools. Engineering the Future. Office of Innovation & School Choice.

 Albuquerque Public Schools is the recipient of a $7.8 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education for development of a K-12 STEM magnet school pathway in the North Valley. The money will be used to convert Mission Avenue Elementary School, Garfield Middle School and Valley High School into “Engineering for the Future” schools where students will engage in hands-on, integrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics learning experiences.

The three schools will be neighborhood magnets, meaning they will serve students who live within their neighborhood attendance area as well as those who apply and are accepted through the district transfer process. 

Students can expect hands-on integrated science, technology, engineering and mathematical lessons with access to all the tools necessary in the rapidly changing STEM field. Engineering habits of mind, such as curiosity and resourcefulness, will be fostered in all disciplines.​

The first year of full implementation yielded many successes:

  • Multiple field trips to such locations as: the University of New Mexico, the Air Force Research Lab, the Roundhouse in Santa Fe and the Nuclear Museum
  • Opportunities to present  to authentic audiences through showcases and Pitch Competitions
  • Hosting the regional VEX robotics championships 
  • Computer Science courses across the grades
  • Access to newly purchased technology and 1:1 technology access at Mission Elementary

Moving into the 2019-20 school year we will build on these successes to expand VEX robotics into Mission Elementary, provide additional Project Lead the Way modules across all three schools and deepen our relationships with community partners. 

Students creating robots