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South Valley Academy (July 18, 2019)

High School English Teacher, Middle School Science Teacher, High School Social Worker, Special Education Assistant, Custodian/Maintenance, High School & Middle School Substitute Teachers, Alumni Outreach Coordinator

2019-2020 Available Positions:

English / Humanities:
High School English Teacher:

South Valley Academy, a full inclusion public charter school in the South Valley, serving first-generation, college-bound, low-income, Mexican immigrant students seeks a motivated and collaborative individual to teach HS English Language Arts.  As a school rooted in social-justice, an ideal candidate is experienced with differentiating for a wide range of learners in a fully inclusive environment, including English language learners and students with IEPs. Applicants need to be able to teach culturally relevant content in a culturally responsive manner that values students funds of knowledge and experiences. (Funds of knowledge are the resources, banks, and reservoirs of knowledge the students bring into the classroom from home, family, the community, and their experiences.)Teachers at SVA fulfill multiple roles including advising students, doing weekly duties and chaperoning school events. Candidates with experience building relationships with students and serving as advisors are encouraged to apply.  Candidates must have endorsements in English Language Arts and TESOL, or be able to obtain. For more information about our school, please visit our South Valley Academy website. Please send a cover letter, educational philosophy, proof of licensure and endorsements, résumé, and references to

Middle School Science Teacher:

South Valley Academy, a full inclusion public charter school in the South Valley, serving primarily first-generation college-bound, low-income, Mexican immigrant students, seeks a motivated self-starter who is comfortable with various content areas in science and with the NM STEM ready (NGSS) standards.  The science department is restructuring our science pathway to follow an integrated science model, and all students are expected to complete an independent science project to present at the annual school science fair.  An ideal candidate is experienced with differentiating for a wide range of learners, including English language learners, and agile enough to navigate more than one science subject and oversee multiple student projects. Teachers are also advisors at SVA and candidates with experience building relationships with students and serving as advisors are encouraged to apply.

Social Worker:
High School Social Worker:

South Valley Academy, a successful public charter school in the South Valley, serving primarily first-generation college-bound, low-income, Mexican immigrant students, is currently accepting applications for the position of High School Social Worker. LCSW licensure preferred, must be eligible for a PED School Social Work License, and have experience working in a school setting. Experience providing individual counseling, crisis intervention, case management, and facilitating groups is required. Experience in supervision preferred. Bilingual preferred. Please send cover letter, résumé, and copy of social work license to

Special Education:
2019-2020 Special Education Assistant:

South Valley Academy seeks a person with strong math skills to support our high school students as an educational assistant with the special education department.  South Valley Academy is an inclusive school, so this means that the educational assistant will be working in a general education classroom in consultation with general and special educators to support students with learning differences.  The candidate should be comfortable with high school math, believe in the potential of all students, have a great rapport with teenagers, and may have an interest in becoming a teacher long-term.  Bilingual in Spanish/English is an asset!  Please email the Director of Special Education with a cover letter and resume at 

Support Staff:
2019-2020 Custodian/ Maintenance:

South Valley Academy, a successful public charter school in the South Valley, serving primarily first-generation college-bound, low-income, Mexican immigrant students, seeks an experienced custodian, some security and maintenance work will be required. Background check will be necessary, bilingual preferred. Please send a letter of interest and résumé stating your qualifications to

High School & Middle School Substitute Teachers:

South Valley Academy seeks licensed substitute teachers for the 2019-2020 school year. Preferred applicants will be available on-call, have classroom experience, and be comfortable working with both High School and Middle School students. Submit résumé, cover letter, and copy of your valid Substitute Teacher license to

Kellogg Grant Position:
Alumni Outreach Coordinator:

South Valley Academy seeks a part-time Youth Alumni Coordinator for the next three years. Please see the full job description below. Submit résumé and cover letter to

Job Requirements:

  • SVA graduate
  • Background check

Hard Skills:

  • 21st-century technology (computer, phone, social media, data information systems)
  • Interviewing skills
  • Data tracking skills
  • Event planning experience

Soft Skills

  • Commitment to advocate for equity and social justice for SVA graduates
  • Strong communication skills—oral and written
  • Networking abilities
  • Collaborative work ethic and group facilitation skills
  • Responsible, organized, shows initiative, comfortable taking risks

Job Preferences

  • Current contact with SVA alumni
  • Spanish/English bilingual

Contract Year:

  • Starts July 1, 2019 or as soon as available
  • 48 weeks (when school is open), 20 hours/week
  • Flexible work schedule to be determined with Principal/Director—sometimes evenings and on weekends.

Scheduled Breaks

A total of 12 holidays off, as follows:

  • Two days during Thanksgiving week
  • December 24th and 25th
  • December 31st and January 1st
  • Independence Day, Labor Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Vernal Holiday (1 day each)

Salary: $20-$22 per hour

Leave Detail: 6 days sick/personal leave

Direct Supervisor: Principal / Director

Program Development

  • Research alumni outreach approaches aimed at networking after graduation, improving the life circumstances of SVA graduates, and connecting current students with alumni.
  • Collaborate with Future Focused Education to customize alumni data collection system.
  • Participate in Future Focused Education professional development trainings.
  • Reach out through social media and other means to establish contact with alumni and to learn about their transition to adulthood after graduating from SVA. 
  • Identify challenges SVA graduates face.


  • Create a network to build social capital between alumni.
  • Collaborate with community education, employment, financial and other service providers that target training and assistance to meet the specific needs of our alumni.
  • Collaborate with Youth Workforce Equity Coordinator:
    1. to identify young alumni who would benefit from the internship program or could contribute to it
    2. to support further educational interests and career advancement of alumni
    3. to establish a year-round, evening-weekend career resource center that collaborates with other SVA alumni outreach and family-support initiatives
    4. Collaborate with College Transition and Guidance office to assist alumni wishing to pursue career credentials or college degrees.
  • Collaborate with Mentor 3.0 to provide and monitor post-secondary success coaching.
  • Collaborate with Future Focused Education’s Alumni Improvement Cohort.
  • Share out alumni information with appropriate SVA staff.

Build Relationships with Alumni

  • Organize communication process and alumni social gatherings that build relationships and keep alumni informed about the school.
  • Conduct in-depth case studies for alumni sample with different personal profiles and pathways after graduating from high school.
  • Create an ecosystem resource directory of alumni support.
  • Collaborate with Youth Workforce Equity Coordinator, Service Learning team, and staff to establish alumni mentoring opportunities for current SVA students.
  • Participate in planning and involving alumni in SVA 20th anniversary events.

Program Oversight

  • Documentation of yearly progress of grant goals:  number of alumni in database, number of community resources in ecosystem directory, number of alumni accessing resources, number of alumni mentors for current students, case studies of alumni experiences.
  • Communication with Principal/Director and Kellogg Foundation about grant progress.
  • Evaluate the impact of alumni outreach and whether SVA contact creates pathways to more secure and fulfilling futures: wealth creation, debt reduction, multi-generational economic improvement and life circumstances, creativity/ innovation/ entrepreneurship, satisfaction with career decisions and post-secondary contentment.
  • Search for ways to make SVA Alumni Outreach sustainable.