Siembra Leadership High School (April 1, 2019)

Finance Director 2019-20 School Year


Siembra Leadership High School is an APS start-up charter going into its  fourth year of operation.  We are hiring for a finance director position for 2019-2020 academic year.  We are looking for an authentic, passionate, dynamic and inspiring leader who will demonstrate commitment to improving education and for students and families through student support, community engagement and project-based learning.  We value creative and energetic professionals who have an enthusiastic approach to leadership development, as it applies to both themselves and students.  Candidate(s) for this position will be prepared to co-create a school.     

Siembra Leadership High School Mission Statement

The mission of Siembra Leadership High School (SLHS) is to prepare academically underserved students for entrepreneurial careers that reflect the values and needs of the Westside and South Valley communities through collaboration with entrepreneurs, and an emphasis on social, emotional, and intellectual growth.

Position Description:

The Director of Finance is the finance leader of the school. This staff member is responsible for ensuring that teachers are prepared to execute the highest quality of instruction. The chief responsibilities of the Finance Director are strong communication skills, strategic planning, expertise and dedication with regard to school finance. The Finance Director also serves as a schoolwide leader along with the Director of Student Support, Director of Curriculum & Instruction and the Director of Community Engagement.  This Director reports directly to the Executive Director.   Finance Director is chiefly responsible for carrying out the mission of the school based on the following duties: 

  • Leading regular professional development sessions for staff, families and governing council members on school finance
  • Overseeing STARS reporting process and other state reporting as necessary
  • Achieving schoolwide charter goals with regard to school finance
  • Direct work with authorizer, Albuquerque Public Schools, as required
  • Ensuring that leadership schools network distinguishers are being practiced
  • Developing schoolwide systems and structures with regard to finance based on start-up charter school
  • Oversight of schoolwide internal controls
  • Management of audit process
  • Serving as on-site school leader along with Executive Director and Pillar Directors
  • Creating formal reports to the Governing Board, Department of Education and Charter School Division on school finance
  • Strategic planning to include creation and implementation of a long-term facility financing strategy
  • Annual 1099 and Affordable Care Act reporting as required by the IRS
  • Strategic planning to include creation, implementation and oversight of a plan for the long-term solvency of the organization
  • Attending and participating in school board meetings, finance/audit committee meetings, staff meeting and leadership team meetings regarding school finance
  • Providing content for the school website
  • Maintain the database on the Aptafund Accounting System to include users and permissions, the chart of accounts, general ledger for assets, liabilities, revenues expenditures and fund balance for all applicable fund sources, vendor management, purchasing, banking, payroll, and payroll liabilities.
  • Payroll Manager- prepare, submit, approve and deposit bi-weekly payroll
  • Maintain payroll deductions with NMPSIA for employee changes and process changes in the client’s payroll system
  • Maintain and remit contributions and reports for  other payroll liabilities for the IRS (EFTPS payroll contributions), NM Tax and Revenue Department (state income tax withholdings), ERB (pension) , NMPSIA (health and life benefits), and NM DWS (state unemployment)
  • Prepare and submit annual IRS reports for Wages, Social Security, Medicare and Affordable Care Act compliance through the federal SSA online portal
  • Prepare annual W-2 statements for employees
  • Work with management to offer a deferred compensation benefit (403-b) plan through a third party administrator and process any authorized contributions through payroll
  • Post all bank deposits into the Cash Receipts module in Aptafund and process all bank reconciliations on a monthly basis.
  • Train client’s management and other staff on compliance with Internal Control Procedures for sound fiscal management (cash handling, procurement, segregation of duties)
  • Maintain an Accounts Receivable schedule.
  • Review and approve all invoices entered into the Accounts Payable module in Aptafund.
  • Review and approve all payment vouchers for printed warrants and electronic funds transfers/ACH.
  • Prepare and submit all requests for reimbursement for state and federal grants.
  • Budget-Comply with state budget requirements for current school year and prepare the following year’s Operating Budget with the for review and approval by the Governing Council, authorizer (if applicable) and PED. Post the budget in Aptafund database.
  • Provide technical assistance in the areas of long-term financial strategic planning as it relates to the State Equalization Guarantee (SEG) state funding formula and other revenue sources – Enrollment growth as it relates to funding and staffing plans (hiring) as it relates to the Training & Experience factor of the SEG school funding formula.
  • Process and submit the client’s October Membership Projections to the PED
  • Process and submit the client’s October Training and Experience data to the PED
  • Prepare and submit Budget Adjustment Requests (BARs) to client’s Governing Council and PED
  • Prepare any additional financial reports requested by the PED for required program compliance
  • Post all approved BARs in the client’s Budget module in Aptafund
  • Monthly Financial Statement Preparation for board of directors
  • Attend Client’s Finance/Audit committee meetings (dates and times to be mutually agreed upon by Contractor and Client)
  • Attend the Client’s Governing Council meetings and report finance/budget information.
  • Maintain an electronic file system for all business office records like Dropbox or the like.
  • Chief Procurement Officer – Review and administer professional service contracts as well as all other procurements under the New Mexico Procurement Code
  • Review and approve all Purchase Orders.
  • Maintain relationships with PED Budget Analyst and other PED Fiscal and Program Coordinators as it relates to State and Federal program compliance
  • Prepare and submit required Quarterly Financial Reports to the PED
  • Audit preparation to include managing and facilitating Auditor requests and PBC Lists (if applicable).
  • Grant writing & grant management
  • Support, build and supervise business office staff

Required Qualifications:

  • Current Level II NM Public Education Department School Business Official License
  • Three to five years school finance experience
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • CPO License
  • Ability to pass a background check

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree
  • Start-up charter experience
  • Bilingual/bicultural

How to Apply:

For consideration, applicant(s) must submit the following materials directly to Jaqi Baldwin, Operations Manager/ Director of Student Support at

  • Letter of interest demonstrating qualification and experience
  • Personal statement of educational philosophy and social justice
  • Current curriculum vitae or resume
  • Three professional references (direct supervisors preferred)
  • Copies of current license(s)


All applicants will be screened based on desirable qualifications and relevant experience.  The most qualified applicants will be scheduled for position interviews.  All other applicant submissions will be placed in a talent bank for future consideration. 

At Siembra Leadership High School, we do not just accept difference - we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, students and families.  Siembra Leadership is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer.