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Health Leadership HS (July 9, 2019)

Director of Student Support

Director of Student Support

The Director of Student Support is the support for students, families and teachers. This staff member is responsible for establishing a culture of trust, collaboration and child advocacy at all levels in the school. The chief responsibilities of the Director of Student Support are the academic, social and emotional wellness of HLHS.

  • Consults with external mental health providers and creates a referral system with community service providers to meet the needs of students and families
  • Coordinates SHAC meetings
  • Creates 90-Day Plan for School Culture
  • Designs a strategic plan for identifying student’s social and emotional needs, shaping the learning environment to meet those needs, and maintaining a positive youth culture
  •  Evaluates social work professional development plans
  • Executes Homeless Liaison directives from Federal Government
  • Leads team of school social workers and advisors to create and monitor the progress of student intervention plans
  •  Leads professional development on positive youth development, advisory framework and academic advocacy
  •  Leads attendance initiatives
  •  Leads the Developmental Asset Profile facilitation and Implementation
  • Leads department meetings
  •  Leads and oversees the implementation of the advisory framework
  •  Organizes, manages and leads the 360-degree supports
  •  Oversees student support budget
  •  Oversees student support case files for each student enrolled in the school
  •  Oversees effective student needs assessment, intervention plans, practices and supports
  • Oversees annual Developmental Asset Profile assessment to all students at baseline (upon enrollment) and end of year
  •  Oversees student mediations
  •  Oversees student support groups
  •  Oversees effectiveness of all mental health and community service providers with regard to student outcomes
  •  Oversees home visits to families
  •  Oversees DACA processes
  •  Oversees Medicaid billing
  •  Oversees student discipline in collaboration with Executive Director and Director of Community Engagement
  •  Oversees work permits for students
  •  Performs other duties assigned by the Executive Director
  •  Prepares the school community to receive and support the success of every student, guardian and family member
  •  Provides direct and indirect mental health services where appropriate
  •  Supports and trains staff members in effective Positive Youth Development
  •  Supervises social work interns
  •  Supervises students during pertinent transitions of the school day
  •  Teaches team members to co-manage all student’s social, emotional and academic success at the school
  •  Trains staff in student crisis intervention and all aspects to supporting students in their social emotional well being
  •  Trains staff to facilitate family meetings

Minimum Requirements:

  •  MSW required;
  • Bilingual preferred

To Apply

Please e-mail a resume and three references to Kara Cortazzo, Interim Executive Director, at

Health Leadership High School is committed to maintaining a work and educational environment free from all forms of discrimination and harassment. In accordance with both state and federal laws, Health Leadership High School does not discriminate in admission to, access to, treatment in, or employment of its services, programs, and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, sex, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, age, ancestry, athletic performance, special need, proficiency in the English language or a foreign language, or prior academic achievement.