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Health Leadership HS (July 9, 2019)

Director of Community Engagement

Director of Community Engagement The Director of Community Engagement is the face and liaison for the school in the community. This staff member is responsible for ensuring the community is actively involved within the school. The chief responsibilities of the Director of Community Engagement are the overall strategy, implementation, organizational development and oversight of community relations in the best interest of the school..

  • Coaches and prepares staff in the mastering of service -learning practices
  • Collaborates and presents to local Elementary, Middle and High Schools for intentional student recruitment
  • Contacts families and students for recruitment
  • Coordinates Exhibitions; logistics, schedules, recruitment of judges, school preparation and obtaining venues
  •  Coordinates site visits with community partners and local government agencies
  • Coordinates busing for explorations and service-learning
  • Creates opportunities to engage parents with school, conduct community dialogues and oversee school participation in events in community
  • Cultivates deep and meaningful partnerships based on reciprocity that will help support all aspects of the school as well as managing partnerships in formal and informal arrangements
  • Disseminates flyers into the community for student recruitment
  • Identifies and leverages external resources to help Health Leadership reach its mission to create a group of aspiring professionals who will become leaders in their community
  • Develops staff skills at all levels of the organization to create a culture of community engagement
  • Engages actively with industry partners on innovative projects in collaboration with Director of Curriculum, Instructional and Assessment
  •  Ensures awareness of school events
  • Identifies and secures partners for service -learning
  •  Leads potential student tours
  • Leads Professional Development on engaging partners, powerful exhibitions, and recruitment
  • Leads student recruitment
  •  Monitors services-learning sites
  •  Oversees the electronic newsletter to the public
  •  Oversees data on a yearly basis regarding partnership development, partnership maintenance, community projects, and community feedback as well as track community building
  •  Oversees student discipline in collaboration with Executive Director and Director of Student Support
  • Oversees the Internship Programs
  •  Oversees graduation logistics
  •  Performs other duties assigned by the Executive Director
  •  Plans, coordinates and documents service-learning initiatives
  •  Prepares teachers how to actively engage industry partners with the Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  •  Represents Health at Southeast community events
  •  Seeks, builds and maintains strong relationships with external community members, neighbors, government agencies and nonprofit organizations
  •  Supervises students during pertinent transitions of the school day
  •  Supports with new student orientation in the beginning of the school year in collaboration with Executive Director

Minimum Requirements:

  • BA or BS required
  •  Bilingual preferred

To Apply

Please e-mail a resume and three references to Kara Cortazzo, Interim Executive Director, at

Health Leadership High School is committed to maintaining a work and educational environment free from all forms of discrimination and harassment. In accordance with both state and federal laws, Health Leadership High School does not discriminate in admission to, access to, treatment in, or employment of its services, programs, and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, sex, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, age, ancestry, athletic performance, special need, proficiency in the English language or a foreign language, or prior academic achievement.