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ACE Leadership High School (January 21, 2021)

Community Engagement Director, Special Ed Certified Project-based Teacher/Advisor

Available Positions:

Community Engagement Director

  • Posting Date:  January 21, 2021
  • Closing Date:  February 28, 2021

Community Engagement Director
Are you looking to invest in students by collaborating with community/industry leaders and educators to transform lives and communities? ACE Leadership HS is hiring a Community Engagement Director with experience in community outreach, program development and working with youth to provide vision and leadership to authentically integrate industry and community engagement schoolwide to fulfill our mission. Details of the position can be found at

Job Description: Special Ed Certified Project-based Teacher/Advisor

  • Posting date:  December 14, 2020
  • Closing date:  Until Filled

Are you looking to invest in students by collaborating with other teachers and the community to design & facilitate student centered learning in an innovative model? ACE Leadership HS is hiring a Special Ed certified teacher to join our family.

The mission of ACE Leadership High School is to prepare young people to have successful careers in the construction professions (Architecture, Construction & Engineering). Our goal is to be the best school in the United States at transitioning its graduates to postsecondary education, apprenticeship, and/or meaningful careers. ACE Leadership is a public-private partnership, and our relationship with the professions provides unparalleled opportunities for our students to have well paid and enriching careers.
We believe that relevant, project-based instruction, focused on students “learning by doing every day in every class,” teamed with high levels of care and concern, will produce exemplary graduation rates and ultimately an efficient use of public funds.
Position Description:
At ACE, all staff are trusted professionals who are committed to their own growth and development and we invest in their learning through systematic and ongoing professional development. Project Teachers/Advisors are expected to play many roles beyond their title or specific content area, including advisor, advocate, family liaison, community outreach, and school leader. Project Teachers/Advisors work as leaders and are comfortable facilitating learning in multiple content areas, 21st century and ACE workforce skills, and collaborating with Industry Partners. Staff serve as advisors implementing positive youth development practices and share collective responsibility for the student support and social emotional learning of students.