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ACE Leadership HS (August 5, 2019)

Special Education Teacher - Full Time, Evening Teacher - Part Time


Background on ACE Leadership High School

The mission of ACE Leadership High School is to prepare young people to have successful careers in the construction professions (Architecture, Construction & Engineering). Our goal is to be the best school in the United States at transitioning its graduates to college and/or apprenticeship. ACE Leadership is a public-private partnership, and our relationship with the professions provides unparalleled opportunities for our students to have well paid and enriching careers.

We believe that relevant, project-based instruction, focused on students “learning by doing every day in every class,” teamed with high levels of care and concern, will produce exemplary graduation rates and ultimately an efficient use of public funds.

Job Description

Teachers are responsible for carrying out the mission of the school in projects and advisory through implementation of the positive youth development, connecting with community partners, project based learning through ACE, performance assessment and demonstration of mastery. Teachers are directly responsible to the principal and have the following specific responsibilities:

  1. Commitment to a mastery based instructional method and assessment process that engages young people in skill development and content knowledge that is not based on traditional measures of seat time and letter grades (ABCD and F)
  2. Actively participate in regular, scheduled professional development to improve student performance, instructional practice and whole school needs
  3. Collaborate with fellow teachers to develop and archive effective ACE based projects that culminate in student work exhibitions of learning
  4. Facilitate the growth of a physically and emotionally safe school culture through daily activities in projects and Advisory
  5. Provide inclusive instruction to accommodate for special education students or those with English language development needs ensuring access for all learners
  6. Serve as an Advisor to a group of students that includes archiving their growth, experiences and supporting transition planning
  7.  Communicate regularly with families, or surrogates, about students to ensure the highest level of support for students in and out of school
  8. If licensed appropriately, manage a caseload of special education students and participate in regular professional development to improve instructional practices with these students and/or directly support effective sheltered instruction practices for English language learners including any assessment or documentation requirements
  9. Act as staff to the Professional Development Center at the school which will require that each staff member share their practice with interested outside parties (teachers, administrators, business leaders, policy makers, etc.) and mentor new teachers to the school
  10.  Operate projects that are open to visitors who wish to learn about the school
  11. Participate in management of students during time that they are out of class and on campus and complete other duties as assigned by ED/Principal

Required Qualifications

  • Valid New Mexico teaching license or interim license
  • Ability to work with and understand the developmental nature of our young people   with a focus on developing their assets
  • High professional skills (organization, accountability, etc)
  • Strong communication skills (public speaking, interpersonal, etc)
  • Strong collaborative skills and vision

Preferred Qualifications

  • Leadership / Program Development experience
  • Spanish language fluency  
  • Knowledge and understanding of construction trades, project management, principles of architecture and/or engineering
  • Experience with Project Based Learning
  • Special Education Teaching License (required for Special Education position)
  • Experience working with English Language Learners
  • TESOL Endorsement

Interested parties please send your resume and cover letter to Jamie Field at