William W. and Josephine Dorn Community Charter School (November 14, 2018)

Part-time Special Education Teacher

Part-Time Special Education Teacher

Provide Special Ed Inclusion Services for our Special Education students at our Charter School. Maintain all SpEd records. Responsible for implementing IEP's, writing and conducting all Annual and Re Evaluation IEPs. Working with and supporting our collaborative Teaching staff.

Flexibility, organization, decision making and problem skills. Interpersonal skills with diverse populations. Ability to meet deadline work on multiple projects and coordinate with work of others.

Required: Teacher License and clear background check

WWJDC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of Race, national Origin, Age, Sex, Marital Status or handicap, in compliance with the federal and state laws.

Contact Director Ellen Bellamy: eebellamy@dorncharterschool.org