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Spanish Language Teacher

Native American Community Academy is currently seeking to fill their open Spanish Language Teacher position.

Job Overview

  • Posting Date: July 13, 2021 - Closing Date: Open until filled

Spanish Language and Culture teachers are fluent in Spanish language and possess cultural knowledge to reinforce language learning. Spanish teachers teach 5 sections of Spanish Language and Culture classes and designing a culturally responsive, place-based curriculum. In addition, all full-time teachers serve as an advisor to 10-15 students per year and actively participate in grade-level and content teams. The ability to integrate culturally grounded and identity strengthening lessons into the language curriculum is required. Integrate NACA Wellness Wheel into classroom learning. Implement student IEPs/BIP and attend student IEP and SAT meetings when applicable.

  •  Teach 2, once-weekly Spanish classes to Elementary students, 2 Middle School Spanish language sections, and 2 High School language sections
  •  Be an advisor to 10-15 students once or twice a week.
  •  Participate in weekly, collaborative professional development with NACA teachers and staff
  •  Provide a safe and effective learning environment for students, staff and overall school community
  •  Interact effectively with students, staff, parents and the overall school community
  •  Support ongoing instructional leadership among teachers and other staff to address curriculum development and overall program development in the classroom and school various setting
  •  Conduct on-going self-paced professional development and self-guided classroom assessment of instructional and curricular design
  •  Collaborate with parents and communicate student’s progress and classroom expectations
  •  Work collaboratively with colleagues on quarterly, interdisciplinary performance tasks
  •  Contribute to the overall school community by supporting student clubs, activities and special programs related to school’s vision, mission and goals including but not limited to volunteering for at least 2 community events during the school year
  •  Implement Individualized Education Plan (IEP), monitor and report on students’ progress toward their academic and career readiness goals, as noted in their IEP as aligned with the instructor’s content area
  •  Develop and report on students’ Present Levels of Performance (PLP) for areas of need as aligned with the instructor’s content area
  •  Attend IEP/BIP/EDT Manifestation meetings as invited and notified
  •  Provide campus supervision 20 minutes before or after school

Required Skills

  •  Bachelor’s or higher in education
  •  Knowledge of Spanish Language Standards
  •  Experience implementing culturally relevant education.
  •  Commitment to a high level of collaboration and problem solving on a daily basis.
  •  Commitment to build high levels of respectful communication in relationships       with students, peers, and school administrators

Application Process

Contact Mrs. Azella Humetewa for application information.

Contact Information

Azella Humetewa, K-8 Head of School, Email: