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Educational Assistant

Gilbert L. Sena Charter High School is currently seeking to fill their open Educational Assistant position.

Job Overview

Collects, prepares and arranges resource material for use by certified personnel. Operates support equipment and monitors testing or make-up work by students. Maintains classroom records, prepares reports as requested by the classroom teacher or principal, scores tests, processes books, manages supplies and classroom equipment as needed. Monitors student activities in classrooms, school grounds, hallways, lunchrooms, field trips, bus loading areas, etc. Provides support for non-instructional classroom duties such as monitoring snacks, restrooms, clothing areas, etc.

Required Skills

All candidates must have a High School Diploma or equivalent, must be at least 18 years of age, and must meet the NCLB highly qualified requirements within 90 days of hire.

  • 48 college credit hours OR Pass the Paraprofessional Test 

Application Process

Please visit Gilbert L. Sena Charter High School Website for more details on application process.

Contact Information

Jenn Prye, Executive Director and Principal , Email: