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Showcasing the Arts

Posted: December 9, 2021

Showcasing the Elevated Arts Schools - Lew Wallace Elementary School

Lew Wallace Elementary School is committed to building experiences that engage students and allow for a love of the arts as well as the resulting learning for children.

Anne Marie Strangio, the Principal, stated that as a Community School, Lew Wallace is committed to utilizing the arts as a tool in their quest for equity and as a real-life model for children as they engage in a variety of arts activities and opportunities.

Lew Wallace began its journey when Anne Marie Strangio joined the school as principal nine years ago.  Exploring how the arts impact student learning resulted in a change in school culture and a move toward the intrinsic love of the arts.  The staff explored the experiential side of the arts and the concept that art is loved for art’s sake.  They wanted to enjoy art and experience internal satisfaction as they participated in arts activities.  Students performed as an authentic outcome of the art’s experience, but the focus was on the experience.  This approach increased everyone’s willingness to take risks and participate in art areas they were not comfortable with.  For example, the younger children often sang and danced, but the older students were not as comfortable with singing and dancing.  The willingness to experience music, dance and drama has increased as the willingness to take risks has increased.  This inclusivity aligned with the schools underlying design to build relationships as a primary school goal.  Strong relationships supported risk taking.