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Showcasing the Arts

Posted: December 9, 2021

Showcasing the Elevated Arts Schools - Helen Cordero Primary School

Helen Cordero Primary School is excited about anther great year of teaching and learning. Many new opportunities await the students as teachers explore the infusion of new strategies into the classrooms.

The Helen Cordero Turtles are engaged in in-person learning with their principal, Alma Sanchez and their assistant principal, Mary Salazar and a committed staff.  The school is designing the learning environment so that our youngest learners use visuals to help them navigate the school.  As an Elevated Arts School, Helen Cordero would like assistance in creating visuals using technology, photographs and student art work.

Teachers on the Instructional Council remember the Elevated Arts training from MIND POP in August of 2019.  For example, they used the Statues strategy with their Readers Theatre stories. Attending additional training this year will add to their classroom tools and strategies!  Other initiatives this year include the design and implementation of stations to deliver curricula to students, social-emotional learning for children and administration a behavior management program.   Helen Cordero is also in the process of re-engaging as a Community School. The community will be invited back into the school as appropriate and as community organizations participate with the school.  The staff is excited for another great year.