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Showcasing the Arts

Posted: December 9, 2021

Showcasing the Elevated Arts Schools - Dolores Gonzales Elementary School

The arts are flourishing at Dolores Gonzales Elementary School! Students have many opportunities to participate in class presentations in poetry, song and dance.

Art, Music and Dance are flourishing at Dolores Gonzales as the year begins.  Like all schools, in-person learning has begun and students are also actively participating in the arts.  Lorinda Stuit, principal stated that one important school goal is to provide all children equal access to the arts as they demonstrate their learning through these opportunities. One example is that on Monday Mornings an outdoor assembly has showcased this learning through class presentations in poetry, song, and dances for the whole school.  Another opportunity is during each classroom’s morning meeting time. 

The staff has continued to utilize the MIND Pop classroom strategies that they learned through Elevated Arts professional development.  During the pandemic, the Fine Arts Goal Team modeled the strategies using zoom meetings.  This offered a unique collaboration model and indicated their commitment to infusing these tools into everyday classroom instruction.   As the school year progresses, additional opportunities for professional development will yield new classroom strategies to support student learning.  Also the school is reengaging school partnerships and looking for additional interested partners.