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Showcasing the Arts

Posted: December 9, 2021

Showcasing the Elevated Arts Schools - Alvarado Elementary School

Alvarado staff and families are engaged in innovative teaching and learning and infusing the arts in all curricula areas.

Joseph Berglund, principal, and his staff have begun the process of actively discussing and determining how to be a successful, committed Elevated Arts school.  Their discussions and willingness to put ideas on the table allow for a unique collaboration that will yield deep rich arts opportunities for their students.  They have begun to reengage in prior successful activities such as their school wide focus on writing poetry and then attaching arts to that poetry.  In the past, Alvarado partnered with the Albuquerque  Museum to use their paintings to inspire students to write.  The culminating event was a family night at the Albuquerque Museum to read their poems beside their painting of choice.  The next version may look different and involve new poets and sources of inspiration.  This redesign of curriculum is a model of innovative teaching and learning.  Children will benefit from this infusion of new ideas and interactive curricula.

The staff is also exploring other opportunities to engage students in challenging curricula infused with a variety of arts experiences. They will be looking for interested partners and new opportunities for their students.  It will be fun for the staff, students, families and community to see how these opportunities unfold.