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Showcasing the Arts

Posted: February 13, 2020

Showcasing the Elevated Arts Schools - Alamosa Elementary School

Alamosa teachers, staff and community believes that the life skills and creative opportunities that result from additional arts education is beneficial to all students. They have worked to be intentional and thoughtful as they added new skills and activities to each day with students.

Alamosa Elementary School has valued both art and music as part of their curricula for the past few years. The teachers have held the belief that the life skills and creative opportunities that resulted from additional arts education were beneficial to all students. As a staff they have worked to be intentional and thoughtful as they added new skills and activities to each day with students.  Their enthusiasm and interest were piqued in August 2019 as they joined with the other Elevated Arts Schools in training with MINDPOP. The art teacher created a video that displayed how to use one strategy, Cover the Space, so any new staff could see how to use that strategy and other teachers would be encouraged to use that strategy.  The teachers creatively developed schedules to include additional art time for grade levels that work for the whole school. Alamosa teachers jointly make decisions that show how they value arts education for children. 

Winter Fest for grades 3-5 occurred on January 27, 2020.  This festival showcased art displays in the hallways and student performances.  Each grade level participated in learning parts to the Nutcracker. The performance was choreographed in collaboration with the music teacher and the drama club teachers.  Anyone who wanted was included in an evening production.  The community celebrated the event which was well received.  Winter Fest for grades K-2 will occur on February 11, 2020.  Each grade level has practiced songs and performances.  Their families are excited to attend this Winter Fest. 

Future plans focus on continued implementation of the strategies learned and thoughtful planning and expansions of arts education for every classroom.  At this point the school is ready to include teaching artists in their school. Teachers at every grade level discussed and agreed on how to utilize community artists spanning from circus art, print making, Theatre, film & poetry to ceramics over the next few months to enrich and support their curricula. Excitement for this aspect of being an Elevated Art School is building in the community. As part of the expansion, the plan for next year is to bring the teaching artists in from the beginning of the year will be part of the expansion and planning this year for next.