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Showcasing the Arts

Posted: December 9, 2021

Getting to Know Our Teaching Artists - Candice Neu

Candice Neu is a featured artist specializing in film, theatre and communications. Teaching videos were created to enhance learning for online instruction and student engagement.

Candice Neu is AGCA’s featured artist.   She was an educator for 16 years teaching high school English and Theatre.  She has partnered with community organizations and corporations to teach film, theatre and communications skills.  In 2019 Candice was awarded a 4-year Directors’ Scholarship to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City for her television series “Broadway Bound LIVE”.  Watch for it and season 2 on Comcast 27.  Candice also hosts a talk show, “The Neu Agenda” on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 9 am on Comcast 27.  Her current projects include a new television series about a group of misfit youth done in collaboration with Tino Duvick and Hector David Jr. called the “The Green Room”.  It teaches kids about the many careers in the film industry while teaching about problem solving, life, love and friendship.  Also under development is a new series called “Kids Teach the World”. This series is produced by kids ages 5-12. Each episode focuses on a different topic with interviews of guests, field trips, cooking, crafts and ends with a SLIME CHALLENGE.  

Last year, while children were learning remotely, Candice and her business, Katharsis Media partnered with AGCA to produce a series of forty-four instructional arts videos. Each episode featured a working artist teaching a complete lesson.  Students were able to complete each project with household materials, were able to pause the videos to work at their own pace and the video included vocabulary terms, material lists and step-by-step instructions to aid in each lesson.  The videos are available on You Tube (link on p.1) and our local Comcast channel and use Closed Captioning so they are accessible to a diverse body of learners. 

Candice Neu and Katharsis Media would like to continue to partnership with AGCA and work with schools teaching kids how to produce their own shows about a topic of choice.  Candice says, “Film is a great way to incorporate the arts into history, math, science, and language arts, specifically because it isn’t just ONE art form- it is ALL of the combined.  Film requires an incredible amount of technical art, digital art for editing and post-production, fine arts for creation of props and sets, costume design, and of course, performance of all types.”

One upcoming project is a new series “Untold Histories” which would partner with schools to produce a television series about lesser known historical events that are often left out of history.  We’ll be watching for this series.