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Showcasing the Arts

Posted: May 8, 2019

Elevated Arts Schools Announced

The eight APS elementary schools will have more arts opportunities through a partnership with APS, the City of Albuquerque and 30 arts organizations

These schools will be connected to qualified teaching artists and community arts organizations for demonstrations, hands-on lessons, performances, field trips, and out-of-school experiences. The educational model puts more emphasis on arts education throughout the curriculum and gives community partners a clear path to engage with schools.

2019-2020 Elevated Arts Schools
Alamosa Elementary Ulrike Kersteges
Alvarado Elementary Caitlin Robinson
Dolores Gonzales Elementary Lori Stuit
Helen Cordero Elementary Phyllis Muhovich
Lew Wallace Elementary Anne Marie Strangio
Montezuma Elementary Mark Woodard
Sombra del Monte Elementary Jennifer Peak
Van Buren Middle Shawn Morris

The Elevated Arts model is the focal point of Any Given Child Albuquerque, a John F. Kennedy for the Performing Arts Center initiative in partnership with Albuquerque Public Schools, the City of Albuquerque and 30 community arts organizations.

Albuquerque was selected as an Any Given Child city in 2016 with a vision of increasing equity and access to arts education for students in kindergarten through eighth grade through collective action. Since its inception three years ago, the initiative has infused more arts into curriculum, enriched before- and after-school programs and raised the awareness of the importance of fine arts education.

On Wednesday, May 8, APS Superintendent Raquel Reedy, Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller and Jeannette McCune of the Kennedy Center touted the accelerated success of the initiative while announcing the Elevated Arts schools.

“We have always known students who participate in fine arts benefit academically,” said Superintendent Reedy. “It has been an honor to partner with one of America’s most renowned art institutes, the Kennedy Center, the City of Albuquerque and so many local artists and arts organizations on this 10-year plan to increase arts education in and out of the classroom. This is the kind of hands-on work that introduces students to all their possibilities, and allows them to consider options they may never have dreamed of before exploring the arts.”

Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller believes a collective action investment like this will pay huge benefits for the City of Albuquerque.

“The arts expand our capacity for creativity, compassion, and critical thinking -- all of which are key skills for our kids,” Mayor Keller said. “The increased investment in arts education, paired with the City's increased investment in out-of-school programming, is creating more opportunities for our youth to stay safe and engaged. This partnership allows us to step up together for more of Albuquerque’s kids.”

All parties engaged in Any Given Child will continue to work together to identify fine arts needs, implement promising strategies to grow more opportunities for students and find ways to collectively sustain emerging and existing programs.

Learn more about Any Given Child.