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Stoles and Seal Award

Native American Graduating Seniors are eligible to earn the Stole and Seals award if they meet the eligibility criteria and follow the process.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERION Native American high school seniors who:  Are enrolled in APS (not charter school).  Completed a 506 and/or CIB (Certificate of Indian Blood) and forms on file at the APS Indian Education Department.  Have a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher by the end of fall semester.   Less than 10 absences in any class.  Have submitted online application(s) for each seal to the Indian Education Department by the first Friday in March of graduation year.

Deadline -Students must complete the online application  by the first Friday in March.  For information, you can contact (505) 884-6392 or email
Application Review - Applications are reviewed and evaluated by Indian Education staff.  Students must meet the eligibility criteria listed above.  Student Presentations – Applicants whose applications are approved will be contacted and scheduled to do a presentation (approximately 20 minute) in front of community judges during the month of March (presentation will be virtual or in person).   
Notification - Applicants will be notified by email and/or phone call in April regarding the status of the application.
Receiving - Stoles and seals are presented to eligible seniors who have met the specified requirements.  Each senior who earns a seal will receive a stole (picture).  Students are eligible to earn more than one seal.  The Bilingual State Seal will be affixed on the eligible senior’s graduation diploma.   
Wearing - Students will wear their stoles over their graduation gowns during the graduation commencements.  Each earned seals is attached to the stole. The seal looks like a “patch” that is attached to the stole.  

2021-2022 Information Booklet for Seals and Stoles award.