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Middle School

Middle schools have resource teachers available to help Native American students with transitions from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school.

Native Language Programs during the school year and Summer Native Language and Culture Institute annually for students in grades K-8. The curriculum utilized by the Native language teachers is; Dine’ Bizaad Bi’nahoo’aah. Onsite coursework is conducted in four high schools with the highest Native student enrollment (West Mesa, Highland, Del Norte, and Cibola) and twelve high schools are supported with transporting the students to a centralized school (Career Enrichment Center) in the district. The teachers are state certified with a Level 1 teaching licensure. All teachers also passed Native Language exams within their respective tribal systems.

The middle schools that have resource teachers available include:

  • McKinley Middle School
  • Jimmy Carter Middle School
  • James Monroe Middle School