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Gradpoint Online Credit Recovery Program

Students enrolled in the Indian Education department can utilize the Gradpoint Online Credit Recovery Program if they need to make up high school credits.

GradPoint is an online credit recovery program available to high school students who need to recover credits in:

  • English
  • US History
  • World History
  • Economics
  • Biology
  • Math

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Freshmen or Sophomores apply?  Yes.  All high school students can apply.  However, priority is given to seniors and juniors, and then sophomores and freshmen.  
Can I take more than one class per semester?  Yes.  In GradPoint, students take one course at a time, but once a course is completed, they can start another one.  Working at their own pace, students often complete two or more courses per semester.
Can I take courses through GradPoint to get ahead?  No. GradPoint is a credit recovery program.  It is for students needed to retake courses that they did not pass on previous attempts.
Is it too late to apply?  The GradPoint team considers applications even after the official start date.  Please apply and the GradPoint team will work with you on developing an individualized plan.  
What do I need to do to enroll?  There is a form for the student's academic counselor to sign and for a parent to sign.  The counselor will review your transcript and make recommendations on classes each student needs to graduate. 

Click here for link to apply.

Contact Phil Farson, the instructional manager, at for more information.


Session: Courses Completed:
Spring 2013-Summer 31
Fall 2013-Summer 62
Fall 2014-Summer 84
Fall 2015-Summer 120
Fall 2016-Summer 145
Fall 2017-Summer 80